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Music Tells A Story

I’m thankful every day that Jesus saved me when I was 8 years old. During Sunday School class over 35 years ago, I knew without a doubt that I had sinned against almighty God, and I needed Jesus more than ever to come into my life. Praise the Lord, Jesus answered that call in that moment, and I knew that my heart belonged to Him forever. Adapting to His way of life was difficult at times, due to my maturing into a youth & an adult, but I always felt a sense of His Presence for I know He has never abandoned me. Even though I postponed the Plans He had for my life, I’m thankful that He has always been by my side pressing me onward. Just after college in the year 2000, my dad, myself, and two friends, Ashley & Tracy, would always meet on Saturday Nights at our old church to sing Gospel music together with no one there, but us. It was during this time that God moved my heart into the music ministry. I remember, God placing on my mom’s heart a song called Rise Again, by Dallas Holmes, and she asked me to sing it at church. It was on that day that I felt an anointing of God’s hand of mercy literally reach down from Heaven, and touch my heart filling me with more of Him, a passion to sing for His Glory.

I can say without a doubt that the music God gives me is not from my talents, but from the gifts He has freely given to use for His Glory."

James Scott Nelson

Who knew that this group meeting on Saturday Nights would began to sing for the Glory of God for almost 18 years. We called ourselves The New Testimonies, TNT for short. Then in 2017, God did something Big in my life. He literally provided everything I need for a home recording studio, even the skills needed to produce, and record my own music. I decided to call my home studio, Nelson Recordings. I can say without a doubt that the music God gives me is not from my talents, but from the gifts He has freely given to use for His Glory. So one day a lady by the name of Lynn asked me to take her lyrics she wrote a few years ago, and see if I can come up with a tune. At that moment, I knew God can do this, and I asked Him to give me a melody for this new song called “Angel In The Dirt.” As the melody unfolded, and the lyrics flowed with the music, my heart was touched again by God with an anointing to do something that I have never ever done before in my life, to write music. When you hear the recordings, God has blessed me with the ability to play each track, sing the lead vocals, and sing the background vocals along with producing the CD’s. I am forever amazed at how He can use someone like me to do something like this.

My favorite all time song would have to be “Midnight Cry”, mainly because it paints the picture of my Lord’s soon return for His precious children; a time that my heart longs to see. The venues I sing at are more local, so that I can continuing to be with my precious family, and provide for them. About two years ago, God gave me the boldness to begin a Facebook ministry using Live Feed videos to meet people in their homes. This was a big challenge for me to do, definitely out of my comfort zone, but it reminded me of those days back years ago when I met with friends on Saturday Nights at the local church to worship in the Presence of the Lord. God has also led me to work with people from Facebook who have gifts in writing poetry, or writing lyrics. We have teamed up in cowriting, and God is bringing forth new songs each month for His Glory.

Finally, I want to share that God is Love. He’s the only thing that is True & Free. There’s a point in everyone’s life when we realize that true Peace & Life come only from Him, and in that moment you will find true freedom to live. In other words, no matter how hard we try to live a good Peaceful Life or work our way towards God, we find ourselves in the middle of a big ole mess, SIN. So, God did something Amazing! He literally left His Throne in Glory, by sending His Son, Jesus, to be born as a baby to show us face to face His Great Love, & Compassion for mankind. Jesus lived & experienced life just as we did, yet He was fully God. God’s Plan was introduced, when Jesus turned 33 years old. He began a ministry that would forever challenge humanity to repent of our Sins and Turn to Him alone. Yes, Jesus was sinless, a Perfect Lamb sent from above to die for the punishment of sin being death. And when He stretched out His Arms, He did that for you and for me, laying down His life as a Sacrifice, an atonement to cover our sins so that we may be forgiven and live in Him. So what is the love of God? The Love of God is Jesus put on a cross between two thieves dying for both, one knowing and one not knowing, and today we must choose which thief we are.

My favorite bible verse is found in Philippians, Chapter 2, Verse 3: Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves. Really, the entire Chapter is a constant reminder that our lives should be as a drink offering poured out on the sacrifice and service on one another’s faith in the Lord. This encouragement is truly the Heart of God, and His example was Jesus, the only Way, the Truth and the Life to our Father.

Thank You & May God Bless You,

James Scott Nelson

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